10. Let's Celebrate!

Nu firar vi!You are a star!


1.1 Introduction: About the Course

  • Your progress:

Welcome to a complete course on how to create a stunning website with WordPress and the Divi theme – step by step. Whether you are a complete beginner or if you have been using WordPress for a while, I am convinced that you will benefit a lot from this free course.

As a case, we will create a demo website for the fictional architectural firm Divi Crib. And this is not a “jerry-building” with a ready-made template that thousands of other companies already use; here you will learn how to create your very own unique layout – the way you want it. If you want to see the end result, the live demo website is available at divicrib.com.

All links, files and code snippets mentioned in the chapter is available below. 👉

This is a free course about how to design a website with WordPress and Divi. The course is funded by affiliate links. If you purchase something from these links, we'll receive a commission but it will never cost more for you. Divi is a registered trademark of Elegant Themes, Inc. This website is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Elegant Themes or SiteGround. DiviMundo is 100% independent. We only promote services that we like and use ourselves on a daily basis.

Victor Duse
Victor Duse was born in Sweden in 1980 and has over 20 years experience of web design, web development and teaching in sectors like media, marketing, energy, industry and the public sector. He's the founder of DiviMundo and the WordPress Agency Duse Media in Malmö, Sweden. Victor is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and he has a soft spot for dark chocolate.


Feel free to ask questions and leave feedback on the tutorial here.

  1. My word. I watched the 6 + hour YouTube video and thought that was amazing. But this is just next level. THANK YOU SO MUCH. 🙂

    I have had Divi Lifetime since 2017 and never done anything with it, as I didn’t do my homework to find out how to use it. But you have just made it so simple and built my confidence immensely. Maybe I can do this.

    Thanks again.

  2. Wow, that’s really inspiring to hear Kristin! I wish you the best of luck and feel free to drop a link if (when) your website is up and running! 🙂

    • Thanks Mohammed, I’m glad you liked it! 👉

  3. Jag byggde min första sajt med din tidigare kurs nu med denna. Mycket pedagogisk och ovärderlig hjälp!!

    • Tack så mycket Dan, vad kul att höra! 🙂

  4. Hello Victor,
    Just amazing work hopefully you continue with different websites layouts ….

    Thanks so much

    • Thanks Heiko, that’s so nice to hear! 🙂 I have some new exciting stuff coming up, so stay tuned.


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