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6.9b Add a Privacy Policy Consent Checkbox in a Divi Form

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Let’s include a mandatory checkbox for the privacy policy in the contact form and link it to our privacy policy. Here’s how you can achieve that:

1. Open the Contact Form module settings.

2. Add a new field and name it “Privacy.”

3. Omit the title for this field by entering a blank space.

4. In the field options, select the “Checkbox” type.

5. Enter the initial part of the text, such as “I have read and agreed to the.”

6. To add the actual link to your privacy policy, click the small icon representing a chain.

7. Specify the link URL, which should lead to your privacy policy page, like “/privacy-policy.”

8. In the “Link Text” field, input “Privacy Policy” to make it clear and user-friendly.

9. Make this checkbox field required, ensuring that users can only submit the form if they agree to your privacy policy.

Now, there’s one remaining issue: the checkbox doesn’t resemble a typical checkbox; it looks like a simple line. However, this is easily rectified:

10. Go to the “Design” tab for this specific field (the checkbox).

11. In the “Border” section, set the border style for all sides to “1.”

This adjustment will provide you with a neatly designed checkbox.

Please note that if you wish to include a more comprehensive description of your privacy policy within the form to ensure GDPR compliance, you can utilize the “Title” field to provide a brief overview of your privacy policy. Remember that legal requirements may vary, so it’s essential to verify the specific regulations applicable to your case.

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