Divi Changelog February 2024

The Divi changelog lets you know about the latest updates for the Divi theme from Elegant Themes. Sometimes the changelog contains minor bug fixes, sometimes there are major improvements and every now and then we get awesome new features.

Here’s the updated Divi changelog:

The Divi Changelog

What does Divi Changelog mean?

A changelog is a log or record of all notable changes made to a website or and app and other software. A changelog usually includes records of bug fixes, improvements and new features. Some open source projects include a changelog as one of the top level files in their distribution. Release Notes can be added to the changelog, describing the features more in depth.

Blog post: Changelog and Release Notes explained for non-developers

Updating Divi to the latest version

Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance > Themes and click Theme Details to see your current Divi version. If there is a new version available, you can click “Update now”. However, it’s wise to wait a week or two before installing a major update to make sure that third party plugin developers have the time to update their plugins for 100% compatibility with the latest Divi version.

You should always make a backup your website before conducting a major update and – if possible – use a staging server for test purposes before deploying updates to your live website. 

Major Divi feature updates

Every once in a while, Elegant Themes releases completely new Divi features, for example Global Styles, Transformation Controls and Quick Actions. These updates are also covered in the Divi changelog but they are also followed by a more detailed blog post and video from Elegant Themes, featuring the CEO Nick Roach.

Follow the category “Theme Releases” on the Elegant Themes blog to stay updated on the most important feature updates or see the list below:

January 30, 2024: Divi 5 Progress Update for 2024


Today’s update brings a calmer pace as the team took a well-deserved break over the holidays, dedicating time to reflection and planning for the year ahead. Now rejuvenated, they resume their journey towards the Divi 5 Public Alpha release. With the original Divi 4 interface deprecated, the team focused on updating dependencies and converting modules for the upcoming release. Remaining critical features, including Global Colors and Auto Saves, are in the final stages of development. Despite the work ahead, the team’s three-year dedication to Divi 5 nears fruition, offering an exciting glimpse of what’s to come.

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January 18, 2024: The Advanced Divi AI Image Editor is Here


Divi AI introduces a cutting-edge AI Image Editor directly integrated into the builder, revolutionizing image customization. Users can effortlessly generate, reimagine, and stylize images with AI precision, preserving desired elements while tweaking specific details. Utilizing intuitive brush tools, users paint areas for modification and instruct Divi AI accordingly. From adding elements to expanding canvases, Divi AI empowers users to upscale, enhance, and adapt images seamlessly. No longer constrained by image dimensions, users can effortlessly tailor images to suit any layout, ensuring optimal visual coherence. With Divi AI, achieving the perfect image composition becomes a streamlined and flexible process, enhancing design possibilities

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December 20, 2023: Here's The New Divi 5 Interface


Divi 5 undergoes a sleek makeover, retaining its core functionality while enhancing user experience. The revamped interface promises seamless navigation without compromising speed. Gone are the distractions, with animations eliminated to maintain efficiency. The interface footprint shrinks, offering ample space for creativity. Users can customize layout panels to suit their preferences, whether docked, undocked, or tabbed. Divi 5 empowers users with unprecedented control, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable design process.

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November 1, 2023: The Release Date For Divi 5 Public Alpha: Q1 2024


At the start of the year, the Divi team set a lofty goal for themselves – to deliver the first public version of Divi 5 to the user community before the year draws to a close. With only two months remaining in 2023, the finish line is nearly in sight.

However, in the spirit of transparency and to manage expectations, the team acknowledges that while the goal is within reach, it might be wiser to anticipate the release of the Divi 5 Public Alpha in the first quarter of the following year (Q1). This adjustment to the timeline is a precautionary measure to ensure that the release lives up to the high standards that Divi users have come to expect.

In this exciting phase of Divi 5’s development, the team is making sure that the final product is polished and ready to meet the needs of its diverse user base. The decision to extend the timeline, if necessary, reflects their commitment to delivering a robust and feature-rich Divi 5 Public Alpha.

As the project moves forward, Divi enthusiasts can look forward to a well-rounded and comprehensive experience once the Divi 5 Public Alpha is released. The team’s dedication to providing a high-quality product is evident, and it’s a testament to their commitment to delivering excellence in web design and development.

Stay tuned for more updates on Divi 5, and rest assured that the wait will be well worth it. The Divi team’s determination to deliver a remarkable product remains unwavering, and users can expect a powerful and user-friendly tool to enhance their web design endeavors.

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September 28, 2023: No More Shortcodes in Divi 5


In a busy month, Divi 5 has added several modules, fixed bugs, and improved performance. Notably, shortcodes are being phased out in favor of a modern storage format. The migration process ensures a smooth transition for existing users. This shift promises enhanced performance and compatibility, setting the stage for a more streamlined web development experience.

There are also a new feature coming to Divi AI in a few weeks: AI code generation.


August 22, 2023: Divi 5 Dev Beta Is Here


With the introduction of the Dev Beta, a broader invitation is extended to developers, encouraging their participation in the beta program. This enables them to initiate the process of adapting their Divi modules to align with the established Divi 5 framework. Moreover, developers are prompted to explore novel and captivating functionalities, aiming for their timely integration into the upcoming Divi 5 launch. This initiative signifies a quest for streamlined content generation techniques.


August 22, 2023: Divi 5 Dev Beta Is Here


With the introduction of the Dev Beta, a broader invitation is extended to developers, encouraging their participation in the beta program. This enables them to initiate the process of adapting their Divi modules to align with the established Divi 5 framework. Moreover, developers are prompted to explore novel and captivating functionalities, aiming for their timely integration into the upcoming Divi 5 launch. This initiative signifies a quest for streamlined content generation techniques.


August 10, 2023: Create websites with artificial intelligence using Divi AI

Divi AI is released now

Divi AI is an advanced artificial intelligence platform that streamlines content creation. It employs natural language processing and machine learning to generate high-quality written material for various purposes. Divi AI can craft blog posts, articles, marketing copy, and more, mimicking human style and tone. Users provide prompts or topics, and the AI produces coherent and contextually relevant content. Divi AI’s intuitive interface makes it user-friendly, even for those without extensive writing experience. It’s designed to save time and effort in content production, making it a valuable tool for businesses, writers, and anyone seeking efficient content generation. Get your Divi AI discount here.


July 07, 2023: The Advancements of Divi 5: Unveiling its Enhanced Extendability

Divi 5 status update in June 2023

Divi 5 is an upcoming version of the popular WordPress theme by Elegant Themes. It aims to improve the theme’s extendability by introducing new features and an Extendability API. Developers and users will have the ability to add their own components and customizations to Divi, creating more personalized and flexible websites. Divi 5 also plans to launch a marketplace for third-party extensions, allowing users to further enhance the functionality of the theme. The focus of Divi 5 is to empower users and developers with greater control and customization options for their websites.


June 01, 2023: Divi AI Sneak Peek & Divi 5 Progress Update

Divi 5 progress update for May 2023 + Divi AI sneak peek

Divi 5, the upcoming version of the popular WordPress theme, is making impressive strides, as highlighted in the May progress update. The development team has been dedicatedly working on enhancing Divi’s features and functionality. A noteworthy addition is the innovative Divi AI, an artificial intelligence-powered assistant. Divi AI intelligently analyzes the content and structure of a website to provide users with automated design suggestions and recommendations. This groundbreaking feature empowers users to effortlessly create visually appealing and cohesive websites, even if they lack design expertise. Alongside Divi AI, the Theme Builder has been introduced, allowing users to craft personalized headers, footers, and dynamic content throughout their websites. This flexibility and control foster a more tailored and engaging user experience. Divi 5 also prioritizes a streamlined editing process with its intuitive visual interface, enabling real-time changes and immediate visual feedback. The update also emphasizes ongoing optimization efforts to ensure Divi’s performance and loading speed are top-notch, guaranteeing a seamless user experience. The development team actively seeks feedback from the Divi community to fine-tune and address any concerns. In summary, Divi 5 presents a comprehensive WordPress theme that combines the power of artificial intelligence with customizable design features, empowering users to effortlessly create stunning and professional websites.


April 27, 2023: Bulk Import Layouts To Divi Library

Bulk upload json layouts from different contexts to the Divi Library

Save your Theme Options to Divi Cloud, upload multiple .json files (from different contexts!) and split layouts into sections with one click.


April 26, 2023: Divi 5 April Progress Update

Divi 5 April Progress Update: Strengthening The Foundation

The latest progress update on the forthcoming Divi 5 release has been shared by Elegant Themes. The post outlines the integration of the WooCommerce Builder and design tool improvements. The team is focusing on enhancing speed and performance and ensuring a stable and bug-free release. The update offers a glimpse of exciting new features, and the team is dedicated to delivering a high-quality product.


March 7, 2023: Divi 5 Dev Alpha

Divi 5 Developer Alpha version

In the Divi 5 Dev Alpha version, the new API will be almost finished and a moderate portion of Divi’s features will have been developed on the new API. Divi developers will be invited to explore the API and give feedback on the new Divi foundation.


February 6, 2023: Divi Cloud Sharing

Divi Cloud Sharing is now available in Divi version 4.20. Share and collaborate with your team in the cloud. Divi Cloud Sharing is a new system that allows you to share Divi assets with your team members and collaborate together in the cloud while you build Divi websites. This update brings together Divi, Divi Cloud and Divi Teams.


November 3, 2022: Divi Code Snippets

Divi Code Snippets Feature Update

Save your favorite HTML & Javascript, CSS and collections of CSS parameters and rules, so that they can be easily used within the Divi code editors. That includes in the code editors found in the Divi Theme Options, Divi Builder Page Settings, Code Modules, Text Modules and the CSS options found within all Divi modules.


October 19, 2022: The Divi Teams Collaboration Service

Divi Teams from Elegant Themes

Divi Teams allows you to invite people to be a part of your Elegant Themes account, and to control the permissions granted to each. You can give your team members access to your products and services such as Divi and our other themes and plugins (including the ability to generate and manage API Keys), Premium Support, and Divi Cloud so that your entire team can function effectively while building websites for your clients.

Each of your team members get their own account with their own username and password, along with the ability to manage the parts of their account (or the accounts of their fellow team members) that you give them access to.


August 12, 2022: The Divi Theme Builder Library With Divi Cloud Storage

New feature: Divi Theme Builder Library in Divi Cloud

The Divi Theme Builder Library is a new place where you can save your favorite Theme Builder templates and template sets. The Theme Builder Library is integrated with Divi Cloud. This means that you can easily access your Theme Builder templates on every new website you build. All of your favorite header and footer combinations, post templates, product templates, category templates and more, can be saved and organized in your library and installed on new websites with one click.


April 7, 2022: Cloud Storage For Divi Layouts And Content. Build Websites Faster With Divi Cloud.

Divi Cloud

Save Layouts & Content Blocks To Divi Cloud And Access Them From Any Website While You Build Them! Today we are excited to introduce Divi Cloud. Divi Cloud is like Dropbox, iCloud or OneDrive, but for your website.


March 31, 2022: Build New Gradients Using Multiple Color Stops And New Gradient Options

Advanced Gradient Builder

We are excited to release the Advanced Gradient Builder for Divi, a brand new control type in the Visual Builder that allows you to design advanced gradients using multiple color stops and new gradient options. This feature is short and sweet, but we are really happy with how the new UI turned out and we think you are going to have a lot of fun using it!


March 17, 2022: Build Stunning New Backgrounds Using Custom Shapes And Textures

Divi Update: Background Masks And Patterns

Introducing Two Brand New Design Settings For Divi Create Stunning Backgrounds By Combining Colors, Gradients, Images, Masks And Patterns!


November 22, 2021: Eight New Divi WooCommerce Modules + Cart & Checkout Customization

Divi WooCommerce update

Introducing WooCommerce Cart & Checkout Customization Customize The Entire WooCommerce Buying Experience, From Browsing Products Through Checkout.


November 4, 2021: Hundreds Of New Icons, An Improved Icon Picker And More

Divi icons update

The Divi Icon Update Choose From Hundreds Of New Icons And Find Your Favorite Icons More Easily.


October 28, 2021: Edit Your Headers, Footers And Post Templates On The Front-End

Divi full site editing update

Design Everything In One Place Now You Can Edit Your Theme Builder Templates And Post Content At The Same Time From Within The Visual Builder.


Divi Changelog

Pro tip: Roll back to a previous Divi version

Did you know that you can roll back to a previously installed version of Divi with just one click? This is very useful if you experience conflicts with plugins or custom code when you update to a new theme version.

From the Elegant Themes blog post:

Rolling back to your previously installed Divi version is easy. Each time you update Divi, it will keep track of what version you were using previously. If you run into problems with the new version and want to switch back, simply open the Updates tab in the Divi Theme Options and click the Rollback button. Divi will provide you with some more information about your currently installed version and the version you can roll back to. Click the blue button and you’re done!

Divi rollback

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Black Friday 2023 Is Over

Black Friday 2023 Is Over

Black Friday (or should we say Black Week?) is the best time of the year to snag the Divi theme, plugins, layouts and child themes with a big discount.

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With the unique concept with drag & drop and click & type, everyone can create beautiful web design without writing a single line of code. You must try it to believe it. Free live chat support is included, but you can often find the answer to your question yourself in an open Divi forum. Divi users are active and lots of users share their experiences and feedback on Facebook and in other communities.

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