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4.3 Divi Support Center (and How to Remove the “Display Errors” Warning in SiteGround)

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We’ll start our journey at the bottom of the Divi tab, where you’ll find various options: Theme Options, Theme Builder, Theme Customizer, Role Editor, Divi Library, and Support Center. We’ll kick things off by delving into the Support Center because it’s a valuable feature in Divi.

First, you’ll notice the “System Status” section. Clicking “Show Full Report” reveals an overview of our site’s health. In this report, we can see that our SiteGround hosting displays green dots for most items, except for one concerning “Display Errors.” It’s worth noting that this is a technical setting typically unnecessary for your website. To maintain optimal functionality, we want all green dots.

Let’s address this minor issue. To do so, we’ll log in to our SiteGround account:

  1. Visit cyclone.com and click “Login” in the upper right corner.
  2. Enter your password to access your SiteGround account.

Within your SiteGround account:

  1. Click “Websites” in the top menu, select “Divi Crib,” and navigate to “Site Tools.”
  2. On the left-hand menu, scroll down to the “Dev” tab (for development) and click “PHP Manager.”

Don’t worry if this seems technical; I’ll guide you through it. Here’s where you’ll find the “Display Errors” setting amidst various PHP variables. To make it simpler:

  1. Click the funnel icon, type “error,” and close it to locate the “Display Errors” setting.
  2. Confirm that the value is currently set to “On.”

Now, go back to the Divi Support Center. We need to set it to “Off” (which is zero in code language):

  1. Click the pencil icon next to “Display Errors” and change it from “Yes” to “No.”
  2. Confirm the change, and you’ll see a success message.

Return to the Divi Support Center and refresh the page. You’ll notice the message “Congratulations, all system checks have passed.” When examining the full report, you’ll see that all the requirements for a fast, smooth, and secure Divi experience have been met. It’s a good practice to revisit this section occasionally to ensure everything is up to date.

Scrolling down, you’ll find “Elegant Themes Support,” which is a great resource. It’s included with your Divi account, and you can access support 24/7. Additionally, you can grant support remote access, a helpful feature, though you’ll need to enter your license key in the Divi Theme Option settings to activate this. There’s also documentation and assistance available if you run into any challenges.

Another valuable feature is the “Safe Mode.” If your website has numerous plugins or custom code and experiences conflicts, enabling Safe Mode temporarily deactivates all plugins and custom code while you’re logged in. Your external visitors won’t notice any changes; your website will appear normal to them. This helps identify potential conflicts within your site.

For now, let’s turn off Safe Mode. This covers the Divi Help and Support Center, a valuable resource for ensuring the smooth operation of your Divi-based website.

All links, files and code snippets mentioned in the chapter is available below. 

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  1. When I bought the Elegant Themes Divi package they included WordPress and Divi already installed. I also had a temporary website set up (new.jai2.com) but I can’t figure out how to install DiviCrib and the associated files into this properly. Can you tell me which part of the course would cover this most basic part? I can’t seem to find it, for some reason. Thanks much for all of your work!


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