Free Course: How To Build a WordPress & Divi Website 2021

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Learn how to create your own stunning website with WordPress and Divi. In this free course from 2021, you will learn all the steps – from start to finish.
Skribent: Victor Duse
By Victor Duse

We have just released a complete WordPress course with a total of six hours of video material, divided into 35 chapters. The topic is How to Create a Website With WordPress and Divi.

In the free course we go through the basics of WordPress and Divi and build – step by step – a complete website with a start page, about us page, contact page and news page. We also use the Divi Theme Builder to create a sticky menu, a global footer and templates for posts, category pages and a 404 page.

In the concluding part, we go through how to export and import layouts and what you should think about once you have published your website. As a bonus, you can download the layouts and all images and icons from the course. Good luck with your web design projects!

The course is also available on YouTube

You can also watch the tutorial directly on YouTube. There is one playlist with 35 videos, but you can also see the entire course in one piece (with timestamp links to the different sections of the course in this six hour long video.

Watch the entire course directly on YouTube. You can easily jump between the 35 chapters of the course.

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