Divi is one of the world’s most used and highly rated premium themes for WordPress. Through DiviMundo you will get a 20% discount on your Divi membership at Elegant Themes – without using a discount code, promo code or discount coupon. Let’s go!

Get your discount with the right links

If you enter the URL elegantthemes.com in your web browser, you will pay $ 89 for a yearly license or $ 249 for a lifetime license on Divi. Certainly affordable considering what you get for the money. But it’s nevertheless unnecessary to pay more than you have to.

If you use the link divimundo.com/en/divi10/ then you pay just $ 80 for a yearly license or just $ 224 for a lifetime license; thus 10% less for exactly the same licenses. If you already have a yearly Divi license that you either want to renew for another year or upgrade it to a lifetime license, you also get 10% discount on upgrades via the link  divimundo.com/en/upgrade10/


Off Divi

Divi Theme for WordPress with no Discount

Divi without the Discount link …

Divi Theme with 10% Discount

… and Divi with the 10% Off Discount link.

Can it get even more discount?

Yes, it is actually possible to get a better price. For limited periods, Elegant Themes offers 20% off discount. It happened during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and when Elegant Themes celebrated 10 years.

However, during January 2019, DiviMundo has a unique link that gives everyone 20% discount on annual subscriptions on the Divi theme for WordPress. On the same page we have collected all current discounts, both on Divi and on plugins for Divi.

Now you get your annual Divi subscription for $ 70 instead of $ 89. I’m pretty sure that you will never find a better deal than this.


Off Divi

Divi Theme with no Discount – for WordPress

Divi without Discount Link …

Divi Theme with 20% Discount – for WordPress

… and Divi with the 20% Off Discount link.

Will Divi become cheaper or more expensive in the future?

Elegant Themes was founded by Nick Roach 2008. Then a yearly license did cost $ 19.95. Since then, a lot has happened. 2013 an annual license (including plugins), equivalent to today’s annual license, did cost $ 89. There has thus been no price increase in the last 5-6 years, although it has happened a lot with Elegant Themes and Divi the last years. A brief selection of events:

  • Elegant Themes employs 71 people in 20 countries.
  • The theme Extra and the plugins Monarch and Bloom are released and included in the regular Divi license.
  • Divi is upgraded to 2.0 and later 3.0 with big improvements.
  • Elegant Themes focuses on making Divi Builder the world’s most user-friendly and powerful page builder.
  • Elegant Themes creates a 7 men and women strong design team who releases two ready-made layout packs every week – at no additional charge.

A safe bet is that it’s not a question of if the license fee will be more expensive, but a question of when the increase will come.

Elegant Themes 2008

Elegant Themes webite back in 2008. Then an annual license on Divi cost only $ 19.95. Then you got a number of WordPress themes with “valid XHTML and CSS”. Compatibility with the classic web browser Netscape (R.I.P) was promised.


Elegant Themes 2013

Elegant Themes website in 2013. Then you could purchase a “personal” license for $ 39 anniversary license (without extra plugins) and a full annual license – equivalent to today’s annual license – for $ 89.


Given all the development and new features over the past ten years, it is highly likely that there will come a license fee increase soon. So one advice is to take action and purchase either an annual license or, even better, a lifetime license – as soon as possible. We are constantly updating the latest Divi discounts at DiviMundo. Good luck!

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Divi is one of the world's most used and highly rated premium themes for Wordpress. Through DiviMundo you will get a 20% discount on your Divi membership at Elegant Themes – without using a discount code, promo code or discount coupon. Let's go! Get your discount with...

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