Tools and resources

Resources for your WordPress project

All the free tools and resources you need for your WordPress web design projects and social media content. Download free images, free icons, scale images and schedule social media posts and much more. 100% cloud solutions.

Free images for your website

Unsplash offer beautiful high-resolution photos with “do whatever you want”-license. This means that you can edit and publish all the pictures for free without mentioning the photographer. What’s the catch? There are no catch, but feel free to donate money if you like their service.

Logo design from $ 5
Find a professional freelancer for logotype design, translations, video production, web design or video production from $ 5 only. Fiverr is the AirBnb for creative freelancers. DiviMundo is a 100% independent affiliate and regular customer at Fiverr.
Create beautiful pdf flipbooks
Yumpu is a modern way of embedding pdf-files and displaying them as interactive flipbooks on your WordPress website. Let your visitors interact directly on your website instead of downloading heavy pdf-files and leaving your site. Add call to actions and other elements directly on the pages, without editing the pdf-files.
Edit images and photos for free
Pixlr is often described as “like Photoshop but for free”. Scale, crop and edit images with layers online with downloading any software. Add stunning effects and save in JPG, PNG (transparent) and other formats. A great tool for your web design projects!
Simulate with Blisk
It’s important that your website is optimized for all devices and screen sizes. Use Blisk to simulate smart watches(!), smartphones, tablets, laptops and giant smart tv screens.

Create banners and social media posts

Let the world think you are a professional designer. Create amazing banners, social media posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – or classic business cards – within minutes. User-friendly and free (premium account is available for more advanced features).

Snag the color
ColorZilla is a small app for Chrome and Firefox. Use the pipette to snag HEX colors from websites.
Divi Builder
Divi Builder is one of the most powerful plugins there is for WordPress. Use it to create sections, rows and modules with drag and drop & click and type. Divi Builder is included when you sign up for Divi.
Monarch is a premium plugin from the creators for Divi – Elegant Themes. It lets you add buttons for sharing and following in social media. Add buttons for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin and much more. Monarch is included when you signup for Divi.
Another premium plugin from the creators of Divi. With Bloom you can opt-in leads and subscribers for your newsletter via popups, forms and advanced lead generation features. Bloom is also included when you signup for Divi.
Optimize images for web
Big images make your website slow. Use Tinypng to compress images in just seconds. Just drag and drop your JPG or PNG pictures and Tinypng will do the rest.
Plan your project
Trello is the perfect tool for project management and shared projects. Use the boards and tickets to display your progress and share files and links with clients and colleges. Perfect for collaboration.
Find free icons
Iconfinder offer 1,6 millon icons for web design. There is a icon for every occasion! Some are for free and some of them are for premium users only.

Web hosting and domain
Here’s a great offer for web hosting and domain. SiteGround offers a special WordPress Web Hosting Package – recommended by Your website deserves to be faster, safer and get the 24/7 professional WordPress support. Get your discount today via DiviMundo.
Design with fake latin
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. No, it doesn’t mean anything but it’s great for placeholder text when you are creating your website design. Just copy and paste. For free, of course.
Manage your social media
Schedule your posts for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and more with Hootsuite. You can also monitor keywords and mentions about your brand and products. Use up to three social media channels for free. News! Automatic Instagram posting is now available.

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