How To Save Divi Form Submissions In The Database And Export To CSV Files

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No more lost form submission emails. No more searching for old submissions in your inbox. No more exhausting copy & paste work. Here's the complete guide to the plugin Divi Form DB.
Skribent: Victor Duse
By Victor Duse

The Divi Form Contact Module is by far the most user-friendly way to create forms in WordPress. But it will only deliver form submissions via email. The plugin Divi Form DB solves this by saving all Divi forms submissions to your database and it lets you browse, filter and export the form entries from the WordPress dashboard.

Here’s a complete guide to Divi Form DB. Enjoy!

Summary: Divi Form DB overview

Plugin rating:

Divi Form DB is a solid lightweight plugin that saves your Divi Form entries in the database and lets you export them easily. The plugin was released in 2017 and has been updated with new features on a regular basis since. You need the Divi theme to use this plugin. I used Divi Form DB 1.9.1 together with Divi 4.11.2 in this tutorial. 

Plugin Features

  • Automatically save all Divi Contact Form submission to your WordPress database
  • Browse, search and filter form submissions from your WordPress dashboard
  • Export submissions to CSV files and save it offline
  • Publish form submissions to any post type with a few clicks

Pricing & License

$35.00 per year (until cancelled) for unlimited usage.

Support and automatic updates are included.

The plugin is developed by Web Ace Techs and can be downloaded at Elegant Marketplace »

Installing the plugin

  1. Purchase Divi Form DB at Elegant Marketplace
  2. Download the plugin ZIP file
  3. Log in to your WordPress dashboard
  4. Go to Plugins » Add new and click Upload Plugin
  5. Upload and activate the plugin.

That’s it. You should now see Divi DB in the WordPress dashboard menu.

Install Divi Form DB

Add your license key

  1. From your WodPress dashboard, go to Divi DB » Licensing 
  2. Add your license key in the field License Key and click Save License Key

From this moment, all new submissions from your Divi Contact Forms will be saved to your database by default. Future plugin updates will appear in your standard WordPress Updates page.

Divi Form DB license key

View saved Divi form submissions in the WordPress dashboard

Instead of just relying on your email inbox, Divi Form DB will save all Divi form submissions in your WordPress database automatically. The plugin also offers a user-friendly interface where you view, filter, search and edit the submissions.

The “All Divi DB” page

When you click Divi DB »  All Divi DB you will see a complete list of all Divi form submissions. However, you will not see form submissions from before the plugin was installed, for obvious reasons.

View all your Divi Forms submissions

All Divi DB features:

  • View all submissions
  • Filter submissions from different months
  • Filter submissions via search
  • Bulk delete or bulk edit submissions
  • View a single submissions content
  • See the email of the sender
  • See who read the submission and when
  • See if the submission was published as a post
  • See on which page or post the form was submitted
  • See the submission date
  • Search for form submissions

💡 Pro tip: Since Divi Form DB version 1.8 the plugin supports multiple forms on the same page.

View a form submission

To view the content of the form submission, just click View Submission from the the All Divi DB page.

View a single Divi Form submission

View Submission features:

  • See the submission content, like name, email, message etc.
  • See submission date and time
  • See on what page or post the form was submitted
  • Sww who submitted the post (if the user was logged in to WordPress)
  • Reply via email (shortcut to your default email client)
  • Copy the form submission to a post

💡 Pro tip: The emails generated from Divi forms does not specify on which page or post the form was submitted. By using Divi Form DB, you’ll get this information.

Export Divi Form submissions to CSV

Exporting your form submission is useful if you want to import them in another application or if you simply want to share or print a list. Exporting is a piece of cake using Divi Form DB.

Export Divi Form submissions to CSV
  1. Go to Divi DB » Export
  2. Choose the form that you want to export from
  3. Now you’ll see a raw text preview of the CSV content
  4. Click the Download CSV file to download the content
  5. Open the CSV file in Google Sheets, Excel or the CSV app of your choice

💡 Pro tip: CSV files tend to look messy in Microsoft Excel. Use Google Sheets or Apple Numbers to get a more clean overview.

Divi Form CSV example

Example of a CSV export opened in Apple Numbers.

The Divi Form DB Settings

There is actually only one option in the Settings page: “Disable Admin Nag?”. By default, the “nag” is a box displayed in the top of your admin pages reminding you of unread form submissions. Disable it if you think it’s annoying.

Divi Form DB nag

Bonus feature: Publish Divi Form submissions as posts

This is a nice feature that lets you “convert” form submissions into any post type. This could be useful for testimonials and such. 

Convert Divi Form submission to post
  1. View a single post from the All Divi DB page
  2. Click the Copy to another Post Type button
  3. Select Post Type
  4. Choose the form fields that you want to include in the post
  5. Assign the fields to Title, Content or to a Custom Field
  6. Use the current publish date or click the checkbox to use the actual form submission date for the post
  7. Click Copy to create the post

Use the Theme Builder with the Dynamic Content feature to design the post template.

💡 Pro tip: You can publish the form submissions as regular posts, pages or as any custom post type.

Final words

Divi Form DB is a powerful lightweight plugin that does exactly what is says: It saves Divi Form Submissions to your database and lets you view and export them from the WordPress dashboard. I’ve been using it on my Divi websites since 2017 and I’m very happy with it. A strongly recommend this plugin for all Divi Form users.

Plugin rating:

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