Review: Author Box for Divi – a Free Divi Plugin

In this article, I will review a free WordPress plugin for Divi that is available at the WordPress plugin repository: the Author Box for Divi plugin.

I think you probably already know what this plugin does. Or, you can at least guess it from its name.

Getting started

When you install and activate this plugin, it will add an author box at the bottom of your Divi blog posts. It works with the default WordPress posts made with the default WordPress editor as well, not just with the Divi theme or the Divi Builder plugin.

How it works

The displayed author box will include your Gravatar icon as your profile picture. Or, you can change it to a different image by pasting a URL of a different image in Users > Profile section of the WordPress admin panel. Here you will also find options to enter all your social profiles URLs. Only those that you enter will show in the author box.

Other settings of this plugin include:

  • Name Prefix – you can choose the text to display before your name. E.g. I usually choose “Author:”.
  • Text Color – choose the color of the text in the author box.
  • Background Color – the background color of the author box. I leave this blank.
  • Border Color – the color of the border of the author box.
  • Border Radius – if you don’t like square author box, you can add a border radius to your author box border.
  • Disable On – you can disable the author box on certain WordPress post types. E.g. you can make them show on blog posts only.
  • Exclude Categories – and you can also exclude certain categories on which you do not want the author box to show.

Below you can see the default look of the author box and the plugin’s settings in the WordPress admin panel.


Author box for Divi settings



Author box example
Finally, I should also note that the text that will be displayed in your author box will be the text that you enter into the Biographical Info field in your WP admin panel profile settings (Users > Profile). You can also include a hyperlink HTML code into it and you will then have an author box bio with a link (that could go, for example, to your About page).


Overall, I can say that this is a really smart lightweight plugin. I hope many of you will find it helpful.

Author Box for Divi plugin

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