How To Open Divi Menu Links In A New Tab

To open a Divi menu link in a new tab is a good choice for social media links and other external links. Opening email links, file links and click-to-call links in a new tab is also a good habit for the user experience.

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Opening Divi menu links in a new tab, step by step

  1. Start in your WordPress dashboard
  2. Header over to Appearance » Menus
  3. Click the Screen Options ▼ dropdown in the the right corner.
    Display menu screen options
  4. Make sure that the Link Target checkbox under the Show advanced menu properties heading is checked.
    Check the Divi link target checkbox
  5. Scroll down to your Menu structure and click the down arrow icon ▼ to the right of the menu link that you want to open in a new tab.
  6. Make sure that the checkbox Open link in a new tab is checked.
    Open link in a new tab option
  7. Click the Save Menu button in the bottom right corner.

That’s it! Preview your menu in frontend and clear your browser cache and website cache if the link doesn’t open in a new tab.

When is it right to open website links in a new tab?

There’s been a long-lived debate in the UX community about opening links in a new tab. Some UX experts recommend against website links opening in a new tab – at all. Here are the pros and cons summarized:

Advantages using new tabs links

  • The visitor doesn’t leave your website
  • The difference between your content and external content becomes very clear for the visitor
  • Most people are used to external links opening in a new tab.

Disadvantages using new tabs links

  • New tabs can be confusing for mobile users.
  • The back button stops working 
  • Additional tabs consume more device resources
  • Some users prefer to decide for themselves if links should be opened in a new tab.

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