How To Disable “Are you ready to publish?” In WordPress

Speed up your web creation process by disabling the extra step “Are you ready to publish?” when you publish pages and posts with the WordPress block editor Gutenberg.

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Every time you click the Publish button in the Gutenberg editor you’ll stumble upon this annoying message:

Are you ready to publish? Double-check your settings before publishing.

Then you have to click the Publish button again before your page, post or custom post type is actually published. Let’s remove this extra step to make your publishing process quicker and more streamlined.

Disabling the “Are you ready to publish?” message

Are you ready to publish? in WordPress

Yes, I am ready to publish. Please stop nagging, Gutenberg.

  1. Add a new page or post from the WordPress dashboard
  2. Add your content, such as title and blocks.
  3. Before you publish, click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner to the right of the cogwheel icon.
  4. Click Preferences far down in the Gutenberg dropdown menu.
  5. Disable the toggle to the left of Include pre-publish checklist.
  6. Close the modal by clicking the X icon in the upper right corner (your settings are auto-saved).

That’s it! You will no longer have to click through the annoying “Are you ready to publish?” message for this – or any future – page or post.

Step 1.

Edit the Gutenberg editor settings

Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the Gutenberg sidebar to edit the publish settings.

Step 2.

Edit the Gutenberg editor

Click Preferences in the dropdown menu.

Step 3.

Pre-publish checklist toggle in WordPress

Now you should see an active toggle below the text “Publishing. Change the options related to publishing.”

Step 4.

Disable the pre-publish-checklist in WordPress

Disable the toggle for “Include pre-publish checklist. Review settings such as visibility and tags.” Click the X to save your settings.

That’s all for today!

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