Elegant Themes Retires 20% Legacy Discount For Divi

The long-lived legacy discount with 20% off all Divi subscriptions was retired by Elegant Themes in January 24, 2022. Here is what it means for you. 

On January 17, 2022, the Elegant Themes founder Nick Roach sent an email to his affiliate members announcing that “the 20% legacy discount is being retired. Traffic sent to this URL will still work and commissions will continue to be tracked, however, visitors will be redirect to our 10% discount page.”

One week later, at January 24, the 20% legacy discount was officially retired when the 20% off landing page started to redirect to the 10% off landing page.

Divi Theme for WordPress with 10% Discount

10% off is now the best legacy discount which equals $80 for the annual Divi license and $224 for the lifetime Divi license.

So what does this mean to you? Well, that depends.

Discount for existing Divi members

If you already have a Divi license, this doesn’t affect you since the old legacy discount was for new customers only. You can still get 10% off when you renew or upgrade your annual subscription here.

Discount for new Divi members

If you are planning on purchasing Divi, this means that the 10% discount is the best legacy deal that’s available – both for the annual subscription and the lifetime license.

The 10% discount is only available for 24 hours for each user. When you enter the discount landing page, you will trigger a cookie and a countdown timer under the heading “10% off for a limited time”. This means that the discount will be gone if you enter the page again after 24 hours or more.

24 hours limited 10% discount for Divi

If you snooze you lose. The first time you enter the discount landing page, a countdown timer will start ticking down from 24 hours. After that, the discount is no longer available. 

Is it possible to reset the countdown and regenerate the Divi discount?

But what if you just had an innocent sneak peek earlier and still want to use the 10% discount? Since there’s just a cookie tracking your visits, you could try one of the methods below to reset the countdown timer and make the Divi discount available again:

Where can I find better Divi offers?

On Black Friday (the fourth Friday in November), Cyber Monday (the first Monday after Black Friday) and on the Divi Anniversary (March 10) it’s a tradition that Elegant Themes offers 20%-25% off all Divi subscriptions + extra bonuses. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get a notification about these campaigns. You can also find all valid Divi deals here at DiviMundo.

For affiliate program members

If you are a member of the affiliate program, you need to update your copy and change 20% to 10%. Even though the old links will be redirected and still work, I would recommend that you update your links to avoid too many redirects since this could be blocked by some browsers and security software.

Elegant Themes did not market their 20% legacy discount actively but they do promote the 10% discount on their website. This means that you as an affiliate have one less USP to offer your followers.

I guess that we just have to provide outstanding content and trust that this will earn us some karma and love from our followers – and that they will keep on using our affiliate links anyway.

Here’s the complete email sent to the members of the Elegant Themes affiliate program:

Important: Our Legacy 20% Discount Is Being Retired

You are receiving this email because you are an Elegant Themes affiliate who is promoting or has promoted our legacy 20% discount via the following URL: https://www.elegantthemes.com/discount/developer/

This 20% discount is being retired. Traffic sent to this URL will still work and commissions will continue to be tracked, however, visitors will be redirect to our 10% discount page: https://www.elegantthemes.com/discount/today/

Note: This discount is limited to 24 hours for each visitor.

Please update the copy on your website to reflect the correct discount amount, which is 10%. You can also update your destination URLs to point to https://www.elegantthemes.com/discount/today to avoid the redirect.

Best Wishes,
Nick Roach

The Elegant Themes Discount Email

The email sent to the members of the Elegant Themes affiliate program.

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