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Save time with smart keyboard shortcuts for Divi. My favorite is CMD + S/CTRL + SAVE to save my changes.
Skribent: Victor Duse
By Victor Duse

Being a web developer is one of the most gratifying tasks. The possibility of being capable of translating your or your costumer’s vision and dreams into reality is definitely a pleasure for those who hear the call of creativity. However, in some cases, we would like to expend less time in the editing and more time in the creative process.

In fact, it is possible that we end up expending much more time transforming thoughts into commands and codes instead of truly developing concepts. With this in mind, Divi developers have come up with a series of shortcuts that might help you speed up the process a little, regain valuable time without diminishing the quality of your work.

The Divi builder comes with the option of making real-time changes into your website using different visual controls and as a bonus feature, keyboard shortcuts. Divi includes a series of commands that in the right combination might save you up to 5 clicks when compared to traditional inputs. Among these tremendously impressive chores you will be able to copy, paste, add new content, change the padding, adjust columns, and much more. 

My favorite keyboard shortcuts for Divi

For example, you now can copy and paste entire modules using the classical control + c and control + v (use Cmd instead of control on Mac). But also, and what I think is the most relevant tool is that you can also copy and paste styles with the shortcut control + alt + c, and control + alt + v to paste it as many times as you wish.

Also the preset commands features include the possibility of copying modules into new locations and holding Alt, to copy the moved module into the new location. And my personal favorite, undo by pressing control + z. Or its twin command the redo, that might be activated by pressing control + shift + z.

If you are a Mac user, just use the Cmd key instead of control.

But the shortcut capabilities extend to the point in which you might add a new section by pressing s + 1 2 3, change column structure or add a new row by pressing c + 1 2 3 4 or r + 1 2 3 4 respectively.

Other commands are much simpler as for locking and disable a module you only need to press L or D, accordingly. By pressing P, you will open portability modal and by pressing H you can open history modal. Additionally, you can list all the shortcuts available by pressing ?.

We can assure that once you learn these shortcuts you will be able to reduce time and invest it in more productive tasks.

Learn more about keyboard shortcuts for Divi

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  1. Fantastic work at all. I just dropped my eyes at the demo site – excellent work.


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