3 Best Divi Contact Form Plugins Comparison – Which Is Better?

I really appreciate how easy it is to design beautiful forms in Divi. But let’s face it: There are some must-have features and design options missing in the default Divi Contact Form module. Here’s a comparison of three premium Divi form plugins to fill in those gaps.

Even though the default Divi Contact Form module has been updated with some nice features like conditional logic, reCAPTCHA v3 spam protection and checkbox links we still miss no-brainers like saving entries to the database, file uploads, datepickers and confirmation emails to senders as well as advanced styling options for the field labels success messages and more.

Fortunately there are some powerful plugins that can fix this – and more. In this post I’ll compare my three favorite Divi form plugins Divi Form DB, Divi Contact Form Helper and Divi Form Builder within these areas:

  1. Basic Information
  2. Pricing and Licensing
  3. Plugin Features
  4. Design Options

💡 Not into longreads? Feel free to jump directly to the summary in the end.

Divi Form DB vs Divi Contact Form Helper vs Divi Form Builder

At least two of these plugins are updated frequently. I’ll do my best to keep this post up to date but make sure to check out the changelogs (linked below) to keep up with the latest updates. Enjoy!

Divi Form DB

Divi Contact Form Helper

Divi Form Builder


Web Ace Techs 🇮🇳

Divi Engine 🇬🇧

Initial release (1.0)

Aug 10, 2017

Jan 17, 2022

Nov 22, 2021

Tested version

New Divi modules

Official description

This simple, lightweight plugin stores contact form submissions in your WordPress database, in an easy to use and read interface. It has accountability built in so you know which user has read which messages and when, as well as alerting admins with a dashboard banner to remind you to read your messages.

Upgrade the Divi Contact Form with tons of new settings and premium features like file uploads, date & time picker, custom subject line, confirmation emails, Zapier integration, save submissions to database, SMTP, icons, new merge tags, dashboard stats, and so much more!

Divi Form Builder lets you build beautiful forms for your website in the Divi Builder without any coding skills. From simple contact forms to complex frontend post or product creation with ACF, Divi Form Builder has you covered.

Summary: One Senior Has-Been and Two Strong Newcomers

While both Divi Contact Form Helper and Divi Form Builder are pretty fresh on the market, Divi Form DB is the greybeard in this trio. But while the newcomers already have added a long list of new features, a glance at the changelog reveals that Divi Form DB has not been updated since October 2020 (and there are mostly bug fixes since the launch in 2017). Will this be reflected in the pricing?

Both Divi Form DB and Divi Contact Form Helper apply new features to the default Divi Contact Form module while Divi Form Builder adds a new form module without affecting the default Divi Contact Form.

Pricing and Licencing (and a Surprise!)

Let’s explore the different licensing options and the pricing models. Weighing this in together with the features and design options gives a good indication of the actual user value for these Divi form plugins.

Divi Form DB

Divi Contact Form Helper

Divi Form Builder

Annual 1 Site

Annual 2-5 Sites

Discount code

Click one of the links above and enter the code DIVIMUNDO in the checkout to get 10% off on everything from Divi Engine.

Summary: Divi Contact Form Helper wins the pricing race

All three plugins offer an annual license for unlimited websites and the cheapest option is Divi Contact Form Helper at $25 / year. Divi Form DB comes in second place with $35 / year, which comes as a surprise since it only offer a fraction of the functionality.

Divi Form Builder is the most pricy of the three but it does also offer the most choices. The higher price could be motivated by the additional form types, like frontend post forms, login forms and user registration forms. I’ve used Google to convert the original prices from British Pounds to US Dollars. Exchange rates might fluctuate over time.

👉 Winner: Divi Contact Form Helper

* Bundle Memberships

Pee-Aye Creative has the Divi Adventure Club that gives you access to everything from plugins (including the Divi Contact Form Helper), courses and child themes to snippets and exclusive Divi resources. It costs is $167 / year for the Annual Unlimited membership and $389 for the Lifetime Unlimited membership.

Divi Engine offers the Divi Engine Membership that includes all their plugins (including the Divi Form Builder). The Annual Unlimited membership costs $194 / year and the Lifetime Unlimited membership costs $689. Instead of purchasing the Annual Unlimited license for Divi Form Builder you can add $51 and get the entire Divi Engine suite for one year instead.

What happened to Divi Form DB? Back in May 2021, Divi Form DB only cost $15 for a lifetime unlimited license. What caused the drastic increase to $25 / year is a mystery, especially since the plugin hasn’t been updated since 2020.

When asking Andrew Palmer at Elegant Marketplace, I got this explanation:

“I have forwarded your email to my associates at elegant marketplace and the reason for the increase is because TV[sic!] form DB is now fully compatible with the visual builder and obviously good programming requires good pricing.”

The first explanation is strange since Divi Form DB has no Visual Builder interface. The second explanation is true on a general level but it doesn’t explain the dramatic increase, especially given that no “good programming” has been conducted over the last two years.

Maybe the developer has abandoned the plugin and wants to squeeze out as much as possible before it’s retired?

Plugin Features

Let’s explore the features! Although this is a comprehensive overview it doesn’t cover every single feature since that would be overwhelming. I’ve compared the attributes that I think is the most important in a contact form plugin. I’m only comparing the contact form aspects of the plugins in this review.

Divi Form DB

Divi Contact Form Helper

Divi Form Builder

Save entries to database

Export entries to CSV

Convert entry to post

❌  (But you can create frontend post forms)

File Uploads

Date Picker

Time Picker

Confirmation email to sender

Admin email CC/BCC

Custom placeholder text

Label above field

Field icons

Field description text

Newsletter opt-in

✅  (Bloom integration)

Zapier integration

Multi-step forms

✅ 🆕

SMTP settings

Select2 (search options)

✅ 🆕

Extra message merge tags

Additonal spam protection

✅ 🆕 (Honeypot)

✅  (Honeypot)

WP dashboard widget

Free content field

✅ 🆕 (Text, code or Divi Library)

✅  (Text, code or Divi Library)

Digital signature

✅  (Handwritten signature)

After submission options

Auto-detect from mapped field

Automatic backups

Summary: A draw between Divi Contact Form Helper and Divi Form Builder

It’s hard to pick a winner but it’s easy to pick the loser: Despite its seniority and pricing, the Divi Form DB feature list is short. And even if you only need the save entries to the database feature, you’ll get a better deal with Divi Contact Form Builder.

Both Divi Contact Form Builder and Divi Form Builder offer an impressing list of advanced features.

Divi Contact Form Helper makes it easy to convert form entries to posts and the SMTP settings is nice way to reduce the need of an extra plugin. The Zapier integration and automatic backups are nice additions. The WP dashboard widget is a convenient way to keep track of your form statistics and overall, the user experience is a delight. The plugin also offer more detailed data and filtering options when exporting entries to CSV files.

Divi Form Builder is unique with its Bloom integration (for email opt-ins), Select2, honeypot spam protection, free content field and digital signatures. It also adds additional form types outside of the contact form scope, for example frontend post forms, user registration forms, login forms and custom forms (for advanced users). Version 2.0 now contains multistep forms which is a very nice feature.

👉 Winner: A draw between Divi Contact Form Helper and Divi Form Builder

Design Options

Forms are not just about features – you want them to be user-friendly and look nice too. Here is a comparison of the different design options.

Divi Form DB

Divi Contact Form Helper

Divi Form Builder

Success message design

Fail message design

✅ 🆕

Submit button design

Field label above field

Field label left or right of field

Label text design

Placeholder text design

Description text design

Inline checkboxes

Inline radio buttons

Buttons instead of checkboxes & radio buttons

File upload design

✅ 🆕

Summary: A few more options with Divi Form Builder

While Divi Form DB doesn’t offer any design options at all, both Divi Contact Form Helper and Divi Form Builder does a good job with filling in the missing design options in the default Divi Form Module.

Divi Form Builder offers a few more design options in its third party module but unlike Divi Form DB and Divi Contact Form Helper, that utilize the default Divi Contact Form module, you’ll need to rebuild your old Divi forms from scratch.

👉 Winner: Divi Form Builder

And The Winner Is …

Which Divi contact form plugin is the best after weghing in pricing & licensing, features and design options?


Divi Contact Form Helper

Divi Contact Form Helper is my first choice with its favourable pricing (from $25 / year) and a generous list of features and design options. The user experience is smooth and straight forward. This is the perfect plugin if you like the default Divi Contact Form Module but want more features and options.

+  Adds functionality to the existing Divi Contact Form module

+ Advanced filtering options for CSV exports and SMPT options

+ Adds a convinient admin widget in the WordPress dashboard

+ Easy to use

No new Divi modules


Divi Form Builder

Divi Form Builder is the perfect choice if you don’t want to have anything to do with the default Divi Contact Form module. It could be a bit pricey and overwhelming if you only want to create basic contact forms but it’s a no-brainer for more advanced users and if you use Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and the Divi Machine plugin.

+ Bloom integration and extra spam protection with Honeypot

+ Five different licence options (+ the Divi Engine Membership bundle)

+ Adds support for frontend post forms, user registration forms, login forms, custom forms and multistep forms.

The most expensive of the three


Divi Form DB

For many years, Divi Form DB was the only reliable plugin for saving Divi form entries to the database. But the developer got lazy and surpassed by the competition. You’ll get all the features in Divi Form DB with Divi Contact Form Builder – and much more – for a better price. If you snooze you lose!

+  Adds functionality to the existing Divi Contact Form module

+ Does what it says

No updates since 2020

Only one license option that is more expensive than more comprehensive alternatives

Dramatic price increases without adding new features or improvements

That’s all for today!

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  1. Thanks for such an in depth review. Now to make a decision…..there is also another option, Divi Contact Module PRO by Divi-Jet.

    • Thanks Anita, I’ll check it out but the average 2/5 rating at the Divi Marketplace seems worrying.

      • We tried the plugin from Divi Jet a while back, seems to work fine. Not the most options when it comes to styling, but works flawlessly. The 2/5 on the Marketplace makes sense, because I had to wait a long time to get a reply for support. But when asked directly on their site, I got a response in a couple of hours.


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