11 Stunning WordPress Website Examples For Web Design Inspiration

Looking for inspiration for your next WordPress web design project? Here are 11 stunning website examples utilizing the latest layout trends in the best way. Since these examples cover small business to big business and a wide array of industries, they are not ranked in any particular order.

Get ready to be inspired and let us know which websites that you like the most in the comments below!

1. Arca Interactive

Arca Interactive

Innovate, inspire and ignite. As a professional web design and marketing agency, a top notch website is a must-have. The traditional desktop menu is supplemented by a stylish hamburger menu. The blue and raspberry rose color combo creates a bold and modern vibe. Overlapping columns, sticky element,  scroll animations and subtle box shadows showcases mandatory ingredients in the web designer toolbox. The sticky contact icon in the bottom right corner is a clever way to increase conversions.

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2. Georgina Bexon

Art and Writer website

Contemporary web design. This website is truly a piece of art. The minimalistic (but still prominent) hamburger menu lets the hero area shine. When scrolling, the rotated logo sticks on the left side which works surprisingly well in this context. The sparse amount of text puts the imagery in center. The smooth scroll animations breathes life into the website. Arty, but not farty.

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3. Fine Face Co


A fine website. This minimalistic website is all about the face and fine lines – in  a double sense. The horizontal and vertical lines adds well-needed whitespace to the around the big photos. The vertical headings adds a stylish touch to the layout. What about social media, that’s so crucial in the beauty industry? In the footer we’ll find an embedded Instagram feed and a Facebook chat as well as links to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. And you can of course book an appointment online.

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4. Green Peas For Breakfast

Green Peas For Breakfast

Retro meets modern web design. There is a clean and minimalistic feel to this website though there is a lot happening. The nostalgic artwork and lenient color palette create a nice balance together with the modern animations and the hover effects. Details like the custom mouse pointer icon and underlined text contributes to the experience. I especially like the subtle scroll animations that brings the portfolio images to life. This website lives up to its tagline: Serving up something different.

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5. Sunshine Delights


Bursting with flavour. The fresh color scheme together with a generous amount of whitespace makes me hungry for an exotic snack. The bold section dividers bring a playful and fresh feeling to the design. Make sure to check out the frisky toggles and blurbs on the About Us page. This is a perfect example of where the web design reflects the product brand: Bursting With Flavour.

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6. Customer Camp

Research and Training website

Scroll to levitate. You had me at the the looping heart emoji gif! While scrolling down from the nice double navigation and the brisk hero area, the scroll animations makes me feel weightless. Be careful with animations, they say. Well, this is just on the right side of the fence to create a peppy but balanced experience. The yellow highlighter is a smart way to bring clarity in crowded layout. This design is playful enough to enchant the millenials and clean enough to satisfy a grumpy boomer (and yes, that’s a compliment).

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7. Colorstone


Rock’n’color. An exuberant full screen video sets the stage: this is all about old school rock’n’roll. Living up to the band name Colorstone, this website is packed with vibrant colors. The band members are presented in generous full width sections. You can stream the catchy songs directly on the Music page or head over Spotify for the full experience. There are also a handful of music videos embedded from YouTube on the Videos page. Encore!

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8. The Customizables

Woocommerce website example

Dynamic ecommerce for the creative generation. We can debate if socks with your face printed on them really is “the perfect gift” (my wife just threatened to divorce me if I ordered them) but this is a funny and creative ecommerce website that is spot on in the selfie era. Just upload your photos and create your own custom face masks, pillows , phone cases or … you name it! A fun concept and a nice execution with support for Google Pay. Don’t just be a consumer, be a co-creator!

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9. Pizzeria Erikslust

Restaurant Web Design –Pizzeria Erikslust

A slice of tasty web design. Even though this website is in the obscure language Swedish, pizza is an international language of love. This onepager, designed by Duse Media, serves a transparent header with a neat click-to-call link. The extensive pizza menu is easy to filter with the nifty toggles. There are clear call to actions for ordering online or via phone. The simplistic design of the opening hours makes me sing Mamma Mia!

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10. Cassandra Worthy

Speaker and Author website

Disrupting “Change as Usual”. A good speaker should inspire and create enthusiasm and that’s something that this website does as well. A creative typography with a nice combo of fonts and colors brings the user experience to life. Strong contrast colors are balanced by the sober black and white background. The animations are exciting without being excessive. The booking calendar is also a nice feature.

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11. The Huntington Y

Health & Fitness website

A better website makes a better us. It’s not only the use of red, orange and yellow colors that gives this website a warm ambience. The rounded corners (or border radius, to speak css) in images, icons and buttons together with the rounded fonts creates a welcoming vibe for everyone. The almost full width design framework is also a nice detail that breathes air into the layout.

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